Frequently Asked Questions

One of the refreshing features of Thomas Associates is that we do not insist that our clients sign a contract with us. Instead, our working arrangement is typically based on a letter of intent with a 30-day cancellation privilege. This gives your association more flexibility and keeps us continually responsive to your needs.

We generally use one centralized phone number for all our associations (216-241-7333) with several rollover lines and one similar centralized fax number (216-241-0105). All our employees have voice mail and email, and your key account executive is reachable by cell phone.

We have developed a customized MS Dynamics member database that is cloud-based and secure. Each association’s member list is updated and maintained by the client service associate.

We have helped several associations to organize industry foundations that work as an extension of the purpose and goals of the organization. Foundations need to be carefully evaluated and monitored to ensure that industry resources are effectively utilized.

Through our extensive experience in meetings and shows, we have become experts in all aspects of hotel contract negotiations. We constantly strive to control hotel charges and gain financial advantages for our associations. Any hotel commissions are given back to the association. Through changing times, including COVID-19, we have worked with legal counsel to develop contract language that helps ensure the best for our associations.

Thomas Associates has a fidelity bond that covers all our employees and all associations’ assets. As part of our policies, each association includes professional liability and directors and officers’ insurance as a part of the annual budget.

Since many private companies do not run their meetings according to “Robert’s Rules of Order,” we have developed training for members who must lead board meetings and committee meetings in an association environment. Our training helps association leaders run meetings appropriately, efficiently, and effectively.

We regularly help our associations with the important task of strategic planning. Our staff facilitates the process or, if requested, we hire a professional who specializes in strategic planning for associations. Many associations have three- to five-year plans, for which Thomas Associates helps to ensure strategic objectives are met.

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