Statistical Services

Statistical Services


 Almost all of our associations benefit from gathering and disseminating statistics about their industries. Internally, our Statistics Department confidentially handles approximately 110 different reports for our groups.

Project Basis. Due to our expertise in statistics, we are occasionally hired on a project basis to handle statistics for an association, even if we don’t provide full management services to your association.

Our 100+ Statistics Reports cover the full range of marketing, sales, and other data, including industrial relations information, safety statistics, financial performance ratios, factory level sales, and end-use marketing data.

We occasionally contract with outside research and accounting firms, colleges, and universities to collect and tabulate data. In all cases we adhere to iron-clad procedures to protect the confidentiality of each company’s data.

If you would like us to provide a proposal for statistical services, please complete the form on our Submit an RFP page.

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Statistical Services



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